(October 2014)
– artists book

It was four decades ago that the first empty (derives from ‘emptied’) sonnets came into existence. I haven’t given up ever since; in fact, I have been creating more sonnets in the last couple of years than ever before. Somehow the marriage of form and emptiness has infiltrated my working being. I like to talk about the work-related happiness I derive from the inherent creativity, in my old propensity to cloak my intellectual moves in inspiration. Cats and dogs, by all means.

Ever since Mallarmé, by treating a white book page, set out into an adventure, both spiritual and strictly intellectual, the Pandora’s box of the avant-garde has been opened and its hand reached the sonnet form as well.

– Vlado Martek

Publisher: DAF
Language: Croatian / English
Pages: 184
ISBN: 978-953-6956-32-6