– publication
(January 2012)

This publication brings together texts by the lecturers hosted in the series Micropolitics in 2011 which focused on exploring niches, those in-between spaces between galleries, museums and so-called off-spaces, as spaces of production, communication, research, discussion and distribution of contemporary art. By bringing together their essays, works and notes, it does not strive for the comprehensive overview, but rather functions as a document or notes on what has been discussed in the framework of the series in 2011, and so it circles around the topic, tackling it from different viewpoints and through different formats.

Contributions by: Clare Butcher, Katarina Schliben, Beata Hock, Natasa Petresin-Bachelez, Corina L. Apostol and The Bureau of Melodramatic Research, Iva Kovac and Elvis Krstulovic.

Publisher: [BLOK]
Edited by Vesna Vukovic
Language: English
Pages: 92
ISSN: 1848-3895