(November 2019)

The artistic production of Damir Ocko focuses on film, expanding, developing, and analyzing them in a series of visual and graphic elements – collages, objects, sound installations, and poetry, whereby the exhibition area is structured around film as a central place from which a series of units are formed as different studies. His films evolve as complex visual and sound structures in which the artist treats the visual frame, the poetic text, and the sound equally, using human voice and speech as one of the central elements in the composition, which direct the spaces of meaning, associations, and emotions. The images and words from which these complex structures emerge deal with the political implications and the social codes of control, punishment, violence, fragility, and resistance, as well as various degrees of oppression, focusing on the marginal states of the body. In Ocko’s art, the poetic persists as a political statement – the rhythm of rebellion that is physical pulsation, as stated by the theorist Leonida Kovac in this monograph.

Publisher: Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb
Edited by Jasna Jaksic
Language: Croatian / English
Pages: 144
ISBN: 978-953-8146-60-2