Inflation of Radical Phrases as opposed to a Lack of Radical Action
(Black Wave posters)
(June 2010)

"Love affair, or the case of the missing switchboard operator"
by Dusan Makavejev
– poster

Surfing the Black initiated by researches at Jan van Eyck Akademie: Dubravka Sekulic, Pietro Bianchi, Ziga Testen and Gal Kirn, wishes to open up the discussion on the ‘black wave’, the new film movement that spread in Yugoslavia during the 60s, from its limited post-Yugoslavian context. The project investigates possible correlations and interpretations bridging various disciplines and contexts in a critical survey of the subject through various activities ranging from archival work to a poster project.

'Surfing the Black' has asked a selection of graphic designers to make a poster for some of the ‘black wave’ classics:

Åbäke, Ajdin Basic, Avigail Moss, David Bennewith, Alexandre Bettler, Experimental Jetset, Jack Henrie Fisher and Popahna Brandes, Kasia Korczak, Joris Kritis, Katarina Soskic, Luisa Lorenza Corna and Marianne Noble, Metahaven, Neda Firfova, Nina Støttrup Larsen, Novi Kolektivizem, Our Polite Society, Paul Gangloff & Hilde Meeus, Rafaela Drazic, Sulki & Min, SKART