Leftovers of endurance by Nina Kurtela
– artists book
(April 2013)

The book Leftovers of endurance is a project that collects, archives, and discusses topics related to durational performance/video work "Transformance" by Nina Kurtela.

Durational performance took place in a space that has been reconstructed from an old BVG warehouse into Uferstudios, a dance center in Wedding, Berlin. More precisely, in one of the spaces that after five months of renovation became a dance stage.

During the period between 22nd February and 7th August 2010 the artist was taking every working day around 150 portrait photos in transforming surrounding of construction site from exactly the same position, placing herself in the middle of the site. What has been captured is a transformation of a space with the still subject/performer/body inside of it. The five months performance was finished when the stage was done.

Watch the video here.

Often we see movies based on books, but in this situation I decided to take the other way around: transform images/video into text by using camera's data informations.

Format: 16 x 22 cm
Pages: 240
Language: English
Colour: b/w, cover in full colour
Binding: softcover
Print run: 300

Available through Motto.