Jasmina Cibic
"Most Favoured Nation"

Museum der Moderne Salzburg
March 5–June 12, 2022
– publication

Most Favored Nation questions the validity of the concept of international relationships that extends the same privileges of bilateral treaties to multilateral relationships. Cibic critically examines the mechanisms of nation-building and soft power as an indirect form of exercising power through cultural dominance. Decoding the complex entanglement of political concerns and cultural production, the London-based artist translates the political mechanisms influencing artists into room-filling installations, performances, and intricate films. This catalogue traces the immersive spatial architecture in the tradition of the debating salon.

Edited by: Thorsten Sadowsky
Texts: Marijana Schneider, Maja and Reuben Fowkes. Interview by Tevz Logar.
Published by: Hatje Cantz, Berlin

Photos of the book by Pete Moss